The Youth Group

Selby Blackett-Gill, Yvonne Leander, Yrell Moses (Youth Leaders)

“Living for Christ, the Church and the Community”

This past year the youths of St. Gabriel’s have continued to be busy with events that provided them opportunities to grow in the Lord and at the same time have fun, served others and enjoyed the companionship of other young people. St. Gabriel’s has an awesome youth group of intelligent and independent teenagers who are eager to learn and do meaningful things to enrich their lives.

During the spring, most of the young people in the youth group made their confirmation at the Cathedral in Garden City, Long Island.  Since then they have demonstrated a change in their attitude towards their spiritual walk with God. God is still molding them – they are a work-in-progress. Springtime also provided entertainment for them. The young people went to the cinema and also attended the Brooklyn Archdeaconry youth picnic where they intermingled with other youth from the diocese.

Members of the youth group also participated in the YDC sponsored program during the months of June and July. This year’s theme “The Prodigal Son” was conducted by Mr. Chris and his wife Jeanine of Mr. Chris Musical Experience. During the summer months, several of the adolescents were employed as counselors with the St. Gabriel’s Summer Day Camp program. They also participated in the tutoring program sponsored by the YDC.

The group again this year held a successful breakfast and bake sale fundraiser in order to accumulate funds for upcoming trips and events.

Some members of the youth group attended the ECW sponsored trip to the Sight and Sound Theatre in Pennsylvania to see the presentation of “Joseph”   This play left such an impression on them that they revisited the theatre to see The Miracle of Christmas.


In September the youth along with the acolytes sponsored a car wash at the church. This helped them to attend the Acolytes festival in Washington, DC, which was held in October.

Nadia Maynard and Angelique Johnson were the two youth delegates at the 2010 Youth Convention.

The young people of St. Gabriel’s have had some great events and service projects including serving and delivering food to the community at Thanksgiving and participating in the Christmas pageant under the direction of Ronald Lashley.

Although some of the youth are involved in several organizations within the church and yet some others are actively involved in their school, which may cause overlapping, the youth group has seen an increase in numbers and participation.

We are truly blessed with the parents who continue to play an integral part in the youth group and the Rector who continually supports youth ministry. We also acknowledge the remarkable support of the congregation through prayer, words of encouragement and monetary assistance.



Youth Development Committee (YDC)





The Youth Development Committee (YDC) is thankful to God for the youth He has sent to us and the adults He has inspired to commit to the ideal of making a positive difference in the lives of the youngsters in our church and community. Our purpose is to facilitate the activities of youth organizations (GFS, Youth Group, Acolytes, Sunday School and all youth programs) and to provide leadership, guidance and support for the expansion of St. Gabriel’s youth ministry. We are grateful to the clergy, vestry, and parishioners for their continued support of our efforts. Thanks to you all, St Gabriel’s is “THE SPOT” for nurturing talent along with healthy minds and spirits of young people.


Special thanks to Ronald Lashley and Nichola Greene for the spirit, the talent and the commitment they bring to the Music and Dance Ministries. Through volunteering to share their God given gifts, they have become a blessing and a testimony to all of us who believe in His grace.


In January 2006, the YDC revised its goals as follows:

St. Gabriel’s yearlong calendar will include annual activities that enhance the development of character and spirituality for successful living, leadership skills, talent and/or hobbies

Young people will establish and carry out various roles in Sunday worship every fifth Sunday and other Sundays

The Sunday School Program will be revised and there will be a minimum of twenty regular participants

The Youth Gospel Choir will be established


In December 2010, as we reviewed these goals, it is clear that we have been successful in what we set out to accomplish. Going forward our challenge is to insure that our programs are well structured and grounded for self-sustaining success, even as some of our core members’ move on to other phases of their lives. Funding will be an asset to our ability to sustain youth programs.


High points of our sixth year of operation included:

Increase in Youth Ushers; confident and proficient youth ushers at 8:00 AM Youth Sunday Mass

First Annual Valentine’s Luncheon for Education (February)

Youth facilitator and participants at Teen Encounter Christ weekend and Camp DeWolfe in February

Tutoring Program implemented in July- available year round


Summer 2010 Youth Outreach Program with Mr. Chris’ Musical Experience. (July-August)

The focus for the youths was on raising spiritual awareness and building a Christian world view. The outcome was a performance where they used their talents to portray Christian Culture versus Popular Culture.


Return of Family Worship on the first Sunday of each month (began in October)

Acolytes Festival at the Washington National Cathedral in October

Fundraising for various youth organizations (e.g., Acolytes Car Wash, Dance Ministry Bake Sale, Youth Group Luncheon, etc.)

Increase in Sunday School attendance to over fifty on some Sundays. We also welcomed new Sunday School teachers – Allison Ross and Pearl Johnson; and helpers Trisha Ross and parent volunteers

Growth of Youth Music and Dance Ministries

Christmas Pageant- combination Music and Dance Ministries (participants included Sunday School and Youth Group)


Peace, Love, Health, Happiness, Safety and Prosperity


YDC: Edna Loncke (Coordinator), Deborah Bartholomew, Ursula Brown-Howard, Ashley Cox, Ricardo Mottley, Cheryl Millington, Michele Gulstone, Michael Ashby, Selby Gill and Yvonne Leander.


Sunday School

Sunday School continues to meet in the Golden Hall from 9:45 AM – 11:00 AM, every Sunday, October – June, with Family Worship in the church on the first Sunday of each month. There are five age groups:  3 – 5 years, 6 – 8 years, 9 – 11 years, 12 – 14 years, and 15-17 years. The average attendance is about forty participants.

Each month family worship is led by a family. The children look forward to engaging with their parents in offering to God the gifts and talents that He has given to them.  They also enjoy the freedom of adding flavor and variety to worship. We thank Fr. Eddie & Rev. Marie for presenting the message through an interactive, child friendly approach.

Our Sunday School program is Parishly based on the lectionary and is enriched with age appropriate activities. We focus mainly on the New Testament. We have also begun to utilize technology to engage our youngsters in more motivational domains of learning. Specifically, we have been utilizing the mounted LCD screen to improve singing as well as to access digital presentations of the scripture lesson of the day.   We look forward to stronger internet access as we utilize tablets for exploring the scriptures. We are blessed with donations from faithful parishioners to help enhance our Sunday School program. Next year we hope to purchase percussion instruments and more books for worship.

We thank all our donors for their kindness/generosity and thoughtfulness and we thank God for leading them in this direction as they offer to Him the gifts He has given to them.

Nancy Loncke – Sunday School Superintendent

Parents, if you are interested in having your kids attend Sunday School, please contact:

Edna Loncke:  718-978-9707 or call the church office:  718-774-5248



The Boy Scouts – Pack #933 Of St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church


The Girl Scouts – Pack #933 Of St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church



Girl’s Friendly Society (GFS)

Cheryl Millington, President


The Girls’ Friendly Society (G.F.S.) at St. Gabriel’s comprises of fifteen members with the Diocesan President Albertina Whittaker, Ashley Cox and Cheryl Millington as advisors.  Meetings are held on the first and third Saturdays of each month and membership is open to girls and young women in the community between the ages of seven (7) and thirty (30) years of age.  The goal of the G.F.S. is to help in the moral, social, and cultural development and religious awareness of its members.


In 2010, we participated mainly in indoor activities such as sewing and crocheting.  Our only outdoor activity was a trip to the Brooklyn Zoo.  In the Fall our focus was on preparation for the Annual Latin American Mother’s Day Awareness Luncheon which was held on December 5, 2010.  We thank all who helped in making the luncheon a success and particularly those persons who help us year after year to prepare for this occasion.  We cannot possibly thank these persons enough for their constant support.  We are very grateful and pray that God will continue to bless them with health, strength and the willingness to continue helping others.  Thanks also to the parents of the G.F.S. members for encouraging their children to be involved in the G.F.S.

The money raised at the Latin American Mother’s Day Luncheon is used to help offset travel expenses for the members who wish to attend G.F.S. World Council Conferences held every three years.  World Council Conferences allow members to meet sister groups and experience the cultures of other countries.  A group of members and advisors of St. Gabriel’s G.F.S. attended the World Conference in Seoul, South Korea in August of 2008  and in Ireland in 2011 from June 25th to July 3rd.  Non-members may also attend.

We recruited two (2) new members in 2010.  In 2011 we aspire to recruit more young people from our church as well as from the community.  We plan to include more outdoor activities, other handicraft and cooking.


If you are interested in joining THE GFS, please contact the persons listed:


Cheryl Millington:  718-252-5962

Albertina Whittaker: 718-789-1096

Ashley Cox:  347-350-9963

or call the church office:  718-774-5248


Cradle Roll

Our mission:

The purpose of the Cradle Roll Ministry is to promote Christian values to families and God parents (sponsors) whose child of God-child is baptized at our church. It is a continuing ministry that begins with the child’s baptism and ends with confirmation. It includes telephone calls, the mailing of birthday cards, tracts, other spiritual messages and if necessary, a home visit. By the time a child reaches age 3, he or she should be part of the Sunday School program.

For Baptism Information: contact Catechist Stephanie Glasgow. 718 774-5248