The Vestry of St. Gabriel’s has commenced the process of Calling its New Rector. We take
this time to share with the congregation the following essential aspects of the process:
St. Gabriel’s Prayer Walk
A prayer walk is an activity that consists of walking and praying at the same time. It is done not
for the physical benefit but for the spiritual exercise. It centers around taking our prayers to the
very places where we desire to see God’s presence manifested and our prayers answered.
Prayer Walking, a powerful dynamic of praying on-site with God’s sight, uses sights, sounds,
even smells to engage both body and mind in the ministry of prayer.
In the Call for a Rector for St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, the Vestry and the Search Committee
invite the congregation to join them in a prayer walk of the neighborhood. There will be groups
of 3-5 persons who will walk and pray for a specific area in the vicinity of the Parish. Groups
are being formed at this time and we encourage you to join a group. What can be a better
welcome to our new spiritual leader, than to walk the path he or she shall walk when they join
the community of St. Gabriel’s, Brooklyn.
The Parish Survey
As our Parish begins the Call for a Rector, the Search Committee invites each member to tell
us about yourself, as well as share your feelings about what programs and activities are
important. You have “spoken” at the Parish Summit held on Sunday, February 10, 2019, and
we listened.
The information you provided will help us describe our Parish to the candidates to be presented
from whom we will choose a Rector. Your responses will also assist in guiding the Search
Committee as we prayerfully discern “God’s gift of a Leader” for St. Gabriel’s.
To this end, the Parish Survey was created. We ask that you spend a prayerful time to complete
and return swiftly the survey so that we may have an accurate picture of the whole Parish.
Copies of the Parish Survey will be available to the congregation in a short while. Your
responses are confidential and will be analyzed only in aggregate with all other responses.
The Search Committee
The Vestry selected members of the Parish of St. Gabriel’s to join them in the discernment
process of Calling a Rector thus forming the Search Committee. The composition of the Search
Committee reflects the Parish’s diversity and members who have time to dedicate to the search
process and with capacity to execute.
The members of the Search Committee are: Clifford Loncke, Haveluck Hall, Fleur Sarrabo,
Olivia Buery, Deborah Goddard, Gordon Wilson, Stephanie Glasgow, Ursula Brown and Linda
It is essential at the outset that the Search Committee commit themselves to discretion and
confidentiality in the compilation of the list of prospective candidates. It is very harmful to the
integrity of the process if a member of the Search Committee “leaks” information to anyone in
the congregation, to their spouse or other family member during the search process.

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