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St. Gabriel’s Boy Scouts- Troop 933

Motto: Be Prepared





Families, here is another layer of support for you as you help your sons to prepare for life.  Help them develop skills that would prepare them in mind and body to do their duty and to face danger, if necessary, to help others.

To enroll your sons:

5 ½ – 10 ½ years, contact Cub Master, Anthony Seale

10 ½ – 17 years, contact Scout Master, Gregory Mendoza or Unit Leader, Shirley Sealy.

Volunteers are welcome!

Troup 933 meets in St. Gabriel’s Parish House 6:30 – 8:30 PM every Friday, except the first Friday of every month which is designated for Parents and Leaders Meeting.


Brotherhood of St. Andrew

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew, St. Gabriel’s chapter, is part of the International Brotherhood of St. Andrew. The vision of the Brotherhood is to inspire, empower and equip men and boys to fulfill the Great Commission. Our mission is to bring men and youth to Christ. We hope to accomplish this mission through the three-fold disciplines of Prayer, Study and Service.

Meetings are held on the third Sunday of the month after the 11 o’clock service, except August and September. Membership is open to both sexes.   

Officers are: Director- Bro. Nick Cox; Treasurer-Bro. Gordon Wilson and Secretary: Bro. Handel Andrews.

To contact the Brotherhood call: (347) 998-1906 or email: [email protected].


Cursillo, is a Spanish word meaning ‘a short course’.  

Cursillo is a movement within the church intended to help Christians know God’s love and grace to help them discover and live out their personal vocation in the world.    In the Cursillo Movement we approach evangelization as a very natural act of being Christ-like within each of our daily activities.  

For more information, please reach out to Mrs. Audrey Cox and Mr. Noel Browne. 

Dorcas League of St. Gabriel’s

“Now there was at Joppa a certain disciple named Tabitha, which by interpretation is called Dorcas: this woman was full of good works and alms deeds which she did.”

(Acts 9:36)

A Dorcas Society is a local group of people usually based in a church, with a mission of providing clothing to the poor. At St. Gabriel’s however, we formed a Dorcas League, a charitable group with a different mission.

The Dorcas League of St. Gabriel’s was established more than a decade ago. It is a ‘savings’ group of parishioners and friends who are members of a ‘SU – SU’ or ‘MEETING TURN’. Well known in many Caribbean and Central American territories, this method of saving money provides for and benefits individuals and groups.

The mission of our Dorcas League is charitable giving. Our group uses the benefits of savings for good works and charitable giving as did Dorcas. Each participant as he or she saves, gives proportionately to the church as well.

Our major goal at present is to provide a stained-glass window in our sanctuary, depicting Dorcas and entitled ‘charity’.

Our present coordinator is Ms. Fernella Allen.

Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) of St. Gabriel’s is affiliated to the National Episcopal Church Women, a Christian women’s group dedicated to improving the lives of all women and girls throughout the world.

Join us in celebrating women through fellowship. Corporate worship is held every second Sunday of the month after the 11:00 AM service. New members are always welcome.

Our Annual Prayer Breakfast helps to support our ministry to the larger community of women.

For more information, you may contact Naomi Greene, President.

Girls’ Friendly Society (GFS)

Girls’ Friendly Society (GFS) provides ministry to girls between the ages of 5 and 21, in a safe and accepting environment where Christ’s love is evident. GFS-USA is a faith-based community within the Episcopal Church and a member of the World Council of GFS.

Through local GFS branches such as ours at St. Gabriel’s, together with the GFS-USA Month of Service, and GFS World Projects, we strive to respond to human need by serving others. The organization seeks to transform unjust structures of society, particularly for women and children.

Meetings are held in St. Gabriel’s Parish House on the first and third Saturdays of each month.


For more information about enrolling your child, please reach out to Cheryl Millington or Ashley Cox

Girl Scouts

St. Gabriel’s Girl Scouts – Troop #2115

Join the St. Gabriel’s Girl Scout Troop 2115 and discover all you can be and everything you can accomplish! The troop presently caters to three levels: Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. Troop 2115 meets at St. Gabriel’s (331 Hawthorne Street, Brooklyn, NY 11225) on the second and fourth Saturday of each month, except July and August. For more information about enrolling your child, reach out to Linda Watson-Lorde, troop leader. Email [email protected]

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