Music Ministry


Davian D. Alleyne

Director of Music & Organist


Mission Statement

To glorify God through the gift of music, enriching lives and spreading the Gospel.




St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church is a multicultural parish with a vibrant music ministry, providing a unique worship experience through a variety of uplifting music. Under the leadership of its Director of Music & Organist, Mr. Davian Alleyne, the program continues to see growth and artistic development.

Liturgical music of the church reflects hymns and service music sung in Classical, Gospel and Caribbean styles. Worship services are led by the Organist and Choirs and frequently augmented by Drummers, a Guitarist, a Steel Pannist and Brass players on Youth Sundays, Christmas Eve, Easter Day, International Day, “Fill-the-Pew” Sunday and other major services.

The music ministry is often showcased at various times throughout the year.  Past concerts included: the annual Black History Concert, Palm Sunday Cantata/Oratorio’s, Christmas Concerts, Solo Organ & Piano recitals and guest solo / choral performances, especially during the summer.



Biography of our Director of Music & Organist

Davian D. Alleyne, a native of Barbados, began his career in music ministry at age 8, singing in the choir of the Cathedral Church of St. Michael’s and All Angels. Between 2012 -2014, he served as the Organ Scholar / Sub Organist at the Cathedral as a recipient of the Diocese of Barbados organ scholarship. He is a graduate of the Barbados Community College and Lehman College (CUNY), has an Associate and Bachelor’s degree in music (Hons) respectively, and holds certificates in music from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College London.


Davian is an Organist, Saxophonist, and Vocalist who is versatile in classical, gospel, jazz, and Caribbean music and is always using his musical talents to the glory of God.




The Anglican Choir’s repertoire is modeled in the traditions of English choral music from the Baroque through Modern era. The choir has an active roster of approximately 20 singers including 4 professional SATB section leaders, experienced singers, and amateurs. The Anglican Choir continues to lead worship at the 11am Choral Eucharist and rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm.


The Gospel Choir’s repertoire is modeled in traditional African American, contemporary and Caribbean fusion gospel styles. This type of choir in unique in the Episcopal Church setting and emphasizes the evolution of music in the church. The average roster is approximately 15 choristers, singing in Soprano, Alto and Tenor sections. The Gospel Choir continues to lead worship at the 8 am Said Eucharist and rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 pm.



The Voices of Praise Youth Choir was revived in September 2018. Currently, its roster averages 10 children, who love to sing the praises of God. The Youth Choir performs on Youth Sundays and at concerts, and rehearses on Friday evenings from 6-7 pm.


Music Ministry Committee

  • Director of Music & Organist – Mr. Davian Alleyne
  • Chairperson & Youth Choir Advisor- Ms. Sherrill Christian
  • Anglican Choir President – Ms. Shirley Sealy
  • Gospel Choir President – Ms. Fernella Allen
  • Secretary – Ms. Velma Beckford
  • Assistant Secretary – Ms. Carmelita Smith
  • Treasurer – Mrs. Annette Tull
  • Assistant Treasurer – Mrs. Marilyn Codrington
  • Public Relations Officer – Ms. Sandra Alleyne
  • Librarian – Ms. Estella Phillips
  • Assistant Librarian – Mr. Gerald Auguste
  • Assistant Librarian – Ms. Jazlyn Springer
  • Gospel Choir Chaplin – Margaret Mapp
  • Anglican Choir Chaplain – Mrs. Ursula Richards


For contact information please call the church office at (718) 774-5248.

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