Eucharistic Church Women (E.C.W)


Our Motto: With God all things are possible

Our vision: For this ECW is that we become: “a vibrant blend of all ages coming together as a peace making, healing, and working part of this church. We will aspire to be a God’s spark, shining and sharing the

Love of Jesus Christ.”

President, Naomi Greene

If you are interested in joining the E.C.W., please contact the persons listed:

Naomi Greene: 718-756-2231

Adelfa Brown:  718-421-4156

Carmen McFarlane: 718-434-8264

Doreen Wyles:  718-953-5147

Ruby Doris:  718-604-1471

Audrey Ottey:  718-978-6196

or call the church office:  718-774-5248