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In the last weeks of Eastertide, our liturgical readings explore the results of the dying and rising of Jesus. Both the Gospel reading and the reading from 1 John speak of the self-giving love of God,revealed in Jesus’ Passover from death to life, as the primarycharacteristic of our lives in Christ.

In this Sunday’s reading from Acts, Peter and some other Jewish Christians were astounded to see Gentiles in the household of Cornelius receive the Holy Spirit just as they had on the Day ofPentecost. Peter’s last reservations about welcoming Gentilesinto the Church are erased and he and the other joyfully lead them to the waters of Baptism.

Today to we give God thanks for all motherly individuals who continue to show love to all. This is also a good time to seek more effective ways to care for our environment and to witnessthat God’s love is not only for humanity but also for the entirecreation.

Joined together by God’s spirit in baptism, bound up in thedying and rising of Jesus, related by creation to all the earth, we the people of God bring all our lives and one another into the saving love of God in Eucharist.


Father Eddie+

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