A Note on Today’s Readings | Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost – Year B

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.
We continue to hear Jesus’ discourse on the bread of life today.
Continuing last week’s theme of Jesus himself as the source of
nourishment for our new life in him, a further level of meaning is
introduced. This was astounding to Jesus’ hearers (and would be to
us if we were not already so used to it), for he is not simply speaking
of a “spiritual” communion with him. He is speaking of his own
flesh, his own life. He is the food of eternal life.
The first reading tells of Elijah the prophet fleeing through the
wilderness. He is starving and begs God to let him die. But God
instead provides food for him in the wilderness and Elijah is able to
complete his pilgrimage to the mount of God.
Today’s reading from the Letter to the Ephesians continues from last
week’s discussion of our unity in the Spirit, to the new way of living
which is the result of that unity, and to its deepest and most
profound implication: namely, our new life is one identity, both as
individuals and as a people, with Jesus himself. What he is, we are
In the Eucharist we take the material things of this world and, in
giving thanks over them, we offer them to be taken up into the life of
God. And this is true also of ourselves who are represented by the
bread and wine. We are part of a people whose story goes back to the
ancient Hebrews: a people who have at the center of our existence
God calling us to be bearers of the divine presence in the world.
Father Eddie+

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