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Today’s Gospel reading is a series of brief parables in which Jesus describes the Kingdom of God. The primary image is of something that seems small and weak, but which through God grows into the greatest of its kind. Thus, until the appearance of Jesus, God’s plan was unknown and hidden. But now in Jesus’ ministry it is revealed as the rule of God over the entire universe.

In the first reading, God, having rejected Saul, the first king, sends Samuel to the family of Jesse of Bethlehem to choose one of his sons as king. Samuel first seeks to choose one of the strong, handsome adult sons. But God directs him not to judge by outward appearance. The youngest son, still a boy, is designated by God. God’s preference for what seems insignificant in order that God’s power may be manifested is a consistent theme throughout the scriptures. David will become the great king.

Today’s reading from II Corinthians discusses the temporary and incomplete nature of our life in this world. Our ultimate life is in the Kingdom of God where everything and everyone in Christ is a new creation. In the meantime, we are to live as though we were already in that Kingdom.

For a brief time, in the Eucharist, we have a foretaste of God’s Kingdom, and we live in the presence of Christ as redeemed people. Not yet consummated, the Kingdom is, for a moment, revealed. It is likewise revealed whenever we, in obedience to our Lord, minister in his name to others, especially to the poor and the sick and the oppressed.


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