A Note on Today’s Readings Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost – Year B

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish

The Gospel reading today contains two healing stories. In the first, Jesus astounds the disciples by healing the daughter of a Gentile woman, an act unheard of in his day. Then he heals a man who is deaf and mute. These healings, like the others in the Gospel, is forMark a sign that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus’ attempt to preventthe healing being made known, and the crowd’s amazement at this event, is a characteristic of Mark’s Gospel. Also characteristic ofMark is that the people healed are in every case people who were rejected by traditional religious leaders.

In our first reading, we continue to read portions of the Wisdom writings. Proverbs is one of the more important of those writings. Today we are reminded that the wise person is concerned for a good name more than for riches. To do good for those in need is the way of Wisdom.

Today we continue reading the Epistle of James. This brief letter,ascribed to Jesus’ brother, is strikingly similar in tone and contentto the Sermon on the Mount. James is particularly concerned that belief in God be accompanied by conduct congruent with that faith. Above all, James is concerned lest we settle for faith which does not produce good works for others, especially the poor and helpless. Faith without good works is an empty faith.

The People of God gather, week by week, to meet Christ, dying and rising in our midst. His presence is revealed in our liturgical gatherings in Word and Sacrament, and in us, as members of his Body, by our daily lives of ministry to others in concrete acts of love and caring.


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