A Note on Today’s Readings | Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost - Year B

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The Gospel reading is Peter’s acknowledgement of Jesus asthe Messiah, which was followed by Jesus’ first prediction ofhis crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus calls his followers to pattern their own lives on his, sharing in the self-giving love which leads to the Cross.

In the Wisdom writings of the Hebrew Scriptures which we are using in our first readings during this period, the term“wisdom” is not simply a function of thought but is thepersonification of God. Strikingly, God, as Holy Wisdom, is feminine. The person who would be truly wise will live in God. God, Holy Wisdom, will give us her counsel and guidance.

The second lesson is again drawn from the Epistle of James,an intensely practical discourse on Christian living. In today’sreading, James exhorts us to learn self-control, especially in our speaking. The tongue, when disciplined, is used to glorify God, but when undisciplined, can cause hurt and damage.

The People of God enact in song, story, and sacrament their unity with Jesus dying and rising in their midst. In baptism and Eucharist we join him in his death and resurrection. We speak and sing our praise to him in our worship and in our lives of ministry, acceptance, and love for all people.


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