A Note on Today’s Readings | Second Sunday in Lent — Year B

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.

Each Sunday in Lent the Old Testament reading recalls one of the events in which God acted to bring about salvation. This “salvation history” was fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Today in that history we hear the story of God’s covenant with Abram, who God renames “Abraham,” or “father of a multitude.” Even though Abraham is ninetynine years old, God promises that his aged wife, Sarah, will have a child who will produce many people as a blessing to the world.

The Gospel reading today is Jesus’ first statement to his disciples concerning his approaching death and resurrection. He calls us to follow his example in taking up our cross and in giving up our lives for his sake and the Gospel’s.

The second reading today, from Romans, describes the faith by which we are saved. It is the same as Abraham’s faith that God’s promise would be fulfilled. We are the spiritual descendants of Abraham and Sarah and Isaac. We are the continuation of the promise made to them, for we are part of their story. As a matter of faith, we are part of that multitude in all times and places who have put their trust in God: the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham, and the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise carry us on to the discovery of salvation in our own lives. In Lent our sharing in the Lenten disciplines and in worship is the means by which we remember again who we are and whose we are, the holy People of God.


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