A Note on Today’s Readings – Second Sunday after Pentecost – Year B

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.

In today’s Gospel reading, the radical newness of Jesus’message prompted his family to fear that he was out of his mind and caused his critics to accuse him of serving Satan and using Satan’s power to cast out demons. Jesus reminds them that Satan would certainly never work against himself. He warns against the one sin which is unforgivable, to blaspheme the Holy Spirit; that is, to ascribe the works of God to Satan. Finally, he redefines his family as being all those who do the will of God.

As we continue the history of the period of the kingdom of David, we hear today the people’s demand to Samuel that they have a king like other people. God through Samuel foretells that the kings will oppress the people, but they still insist. The first king, Saul, is chosen, but he will displease God and be replaced.

Our life in Christ is not affected by death. Whether we live or die, Paul tells the Corinthians, we are always with God. The presence of God’s Spirit with us is the guarantee that we already live in eternal life.

We gather as people redeemed and restored, as brothers and sisters of Jesus, and as a people filled with the Spirit of God. Our life together is to be a model of how God wishes all people to live. Our vocation and ministry are to extend the love and fellowship we have at the Table of the Lord into all parts of human life.


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