A Note on Today’s Readings | Fourth Sunday in Lent — Year B

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.

The Old Testament contains accounts of God saving the people at various times in their history. We remember those times during Lent as a part of our preparation to celebrate the ultimate salvation of all people in the death and resurrection of Jesus. The story of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness continues today. Again the people complain about hunger and thirst and rebel against God. They are set upon by poisonous serpents. Moses intercedes with God and is directed to make a bronze serpent. When the people look at the serpent they are saved.

The Gospel reading is John’s account of Jesus’ predicting his death. He likens his crucifixion to the event in today’s Old Testament reading. He promises that he has come not to condemn the world but to save it. Only those who reject this message and the light of God given by Jesus are in danger of being lost.

The reading today from Ephesians announces that in his resurrection and ascension, Jesus has raised us who know him by faith into the new life of God. It is in Baptism that we have become part of that new life and have received the grace which saves us.

The most consistent message in Holy Scripture is God’s love and repeated interventions in history to bring about redemption. As we move nearer to Easter we are led by means of Word and Sacraments to a deepening realization that God is still redeeming us. Let us remember today those who will be baptized at Easter, who are joining us in the journey of the redeemed to God.


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