A Note on Today’s Readings

First Sunday after Pentecost (Trinity Sunday) Year B


Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.

The liturgy today focuses our prayer and celebration on God who acts in history and is revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The first reading today is the account of Isaiah’svision of God enthroned with the heavenly host shouting,“Holy, Holy, Holy.” This passage provides the great hymn of the Eucharistic liturgy, celebrating our life within the life of the Holy Trinity.

The second reading is from Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. This passage explores the ways the Persons of the Trinity relate to us. It is the Holy Spirit working in us who enables us to pray and to be fellow children of God along with the Son.

The Gospel reading today is Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus and the Evangelist’s discussion of the meaning of Jesus’ words. In explaining that salvation depends on being born again by water and the Spirit, Jesus reveals God’sthree-fold nature as an active one. God the Creator is the Giver of life and the Savior of humankind.

As the Church, the People of God come together to celebrate the Eucharist. Called together by God’s Spirit, we encounter the Son in Word and Sacrament revealing the Father and leading us into the life and love of the Holy Trinity.


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