A Note on Today’s Readings | Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany—Year B

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.

Today’s Gospel continues Mark’s account of the first events in Jesus’ ministry. Once again, Jesus was faced with illness which he cured and evil spirits which he cast out. But rather than stay in that place as a healer, he moves on to announce the good news of God’s Kingdom in other places as well.

The first reading proclaims God as ruler and creator of all things. God is incomparable and inexhaustible, and God’s power is the source of our life and that power animates our lives and our ministry.

In the second reading, Paul is responding to another problem in the Corinthian church. Wandering preachers had come to them and, preaching for money, had proclaimed strange versions of the Gospel. Paul wants to make it clear that his is the Gospel of Christ and the proof that he is not altering it to be popular is that he does not ask for money.

It is the proclamation of Christ that is central. We are called and converted by that message and baptized into that faith. We gather at the Lord’s Table in response, for empowerment, but we also gather in order to be sent forth in that power to proclaim the message to others.


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