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Today, as we celebrate with our youth, graduates, and families, we give God thanks for their successes in education and continue to offer prayers for those who teach and those who learn.

Today’s liturgy directs our attention to Jesus’ Lordship over the natural world and over the forces of evil in the universe. Jesus commands a storm to cease. The result of this event was amazement and wonder. Mark withholds the answer to their wonderment until the end of his Gospel when Jesus’ death and resurrection reveal him as the Son of God, hence the Lord of the universe.

While David has been designated king by God, Saul continues to rule. The Philistines attack Israel, led by the giant, Goliath. This, probably the best known of the stories of David, tells of the boy’courage in facing and destroying Goliath. David will now become the hero of Israel and soon Saul will begin to resent David’spopularity with the people.

We continue to read through II Corinthians. The Corinthian church has been resisting Paul’s leadership. He warns them to take seriously the grace of God which they have received and to emulate Paul’s ministry, seeking not worldly greatness, but the greatness of those who are being saved now.

In Eucharist, the People of God find themselves joined together in Christ as the new Creation. For a brief time in prayer and Sacrament, we are revealed as his Body and as the instruments of his redeeming love in the world. That revelation is to continue in our ministry of love and reconciliation toward all people.


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