The Very Reverend Eddie Alleyne, Rector & Dean of St. Luke’s Deanery

The Very Reverend Eddie Alleyne entered Codrington College, Barbados in 1985 after completing studies at the University of the West Indies and Erdiston Teachers’ Training College.  Later, after being summoned by then Bishop of Barbados (former Archbishop of the West Indies) The Most Rev. Drexel Gomez, he spent three years at Codrington College after which he was awarded the Codrington Diploma and the Bachelor’s Degree in Theology.

Ordained to the Diaconate in 1988, he served his curacy at historic St. John’s Parish Church after which he was priested on the Feast of our Lady, August 15, 1989.  In 1991, Fr. Alleyne was appointed Rector of St. Alban’s and St. Silas Churches and four years later, he moved on to become Rector of St. Cyprian’s. During these periods, he tutored at the Barbados Community College in Ethics and Citizenship and taught at the St. Michael School.  Fr. Alleyne was appointed by the Barbados Government to sit on several boards including co-chairing those at St. James Secondary School and the School for the Blind and Deaf. In 1998, Fr. Alleyne left the sandy shores of Barbados and relocated to this great country to further his education at the Blanton Peale Institute and General Theological Seminary. Fr. Alleyne served as Priest-in-Charge of Holy Apostles’ Church and Church of the Nativity for seven years before moving on to his current position at St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church.  In 2006, Fr. Alleyne was appointed by Bishop Walker as the Dean of the St. Luke’s Deanery, a position that he currently holds.  At the Diocesan level, Fr. Alleyne has been one of the Bishop’s appointees to the Board of the Mercer School and Camp DeWolfe, Head Spiritual Director of the Cursillo Community and Chaplain of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Brooklyn Assembly.  He served as the Episcopal Chaplain at Brooklyn College and Secretary of the Black Clergy Caucus.  Fr. Alleyne is also one of the Diocesan instructors of the Sexual Harassment (SHE) and Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) workshops.  He is also a member of the Cathedral Chapter.

In the community, Fr. Alleyne serves as a clergy liaison for the 71st Precinct and is the Honorary Chaplain for the Auxiliary Police Section in the NYPD’s South Borough.  He is also a board member of the Brooklyn Congregation United.

Within the Barbadian community, Fr.  Alleyne serves as a mentoring and spiritual support for many individuals and organizations and is recognized as a clergy liaison within the Barbados Consulate.

In the religious realm, Fr. Alleyne was instrumental in introducing Cursillo (A Renewal Movement) to the Diocese of Barbados and assists the Bishop of Barbados with scheduling whenever he visits the Tri- State area.

A noted achievement was Fr. Alleyne’s selection by the Joint Oversight Committee to chair the Transition Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island which was charged with spearheading the election of Bishop Provenzano and his subsequent ordination and consecration.

Fr. Alleyne is married to Kay and they reside in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn with their children Nathan and Lauren Kristina.

An avid chess player, he also enjoys tennis, cricket and volleyball.