Note on Today’s Readings Proper 25: Sunday closest to October 26—Year A

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.
As we continue to read the Gospel according to Matthew, we hear another of
the confrontations between Jesus and the Pharisees. Last week they tried to
discredit him with the people and the government; today they test his
orthodoxy. Jesus answers their question in correct Jewish form and then
counters with a question to them. This passage is leading toward the Christian
belief that Jesus is more than a descendent of King David; he is the Son of
Today we hear the conclusion of Moses’ part of the story of God’s People.
God led him to the top of the mountain to see the land that had been the goal of
the journey. After Moses’ death in the wilderness, the people he led entered the
Land of Promise.
In the second reading, Paul continues his greetings to the Thessalonian church,
reminding them of his original visit to them and of his love and affection for
In the Eucharist, we experience the dual nature of our own existence: related to
God and yet human. We are not simply living at the human level but through
baptism are bearers of divinity. In the mundane elements of common food and
drink, we meet God. Likewise, in our lives our human nature is permeated by
God’s nature. This is the reason we can pray; this is the reason we are sent into
the world to minister to others.
Happy Sunday.
Father Eddie+

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