Rector’s Guild

Mr. Rudolph Richards, President

Altar Guild

Nelda Phillips, President

About us

Through faithful ministry, St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church’s Altar Guild serves God.

We have the accountability and also the privilege to prepare for the Holy Eucharist during the many services held at our Parish.  We are responsible for the maintenance and preparation of the altar.  By dedication and efficiency of the Guild, we care for the communion vessels, liners and the clergy’s vestments, in addition to the polishing of silver and brass adornments.

We encourage the addition of new members to join our team, as it is a group effort. We are grateful too for those individuals who have supported us with their time and skills during the past year and look forward to even greater assistance in the years ahead.

If you are interested in joining the altar guild, please contact the persons listed:

Nelda Phillips:  718-385-0358 or call the church office:  718-774-5248


Michael Ashby, Master of Ceremonies

If you are interested in joining the acolytes’ guild, please contact the person listed:

Michael Ashby:  718-363-0114 or call the church office:  718-774-5248


Ushers’ Guild

Noel Browne, President

Audrey Ottey, Vice President

Phillip Van Rossum, Secretary

Adelfa Brown, Assistant Secretary

Gwenyth Chase, Treasurer


Fernella Allen

Stella Ashby

Marly Auguste

Yvonne Barrow

Glenna Bartholomew

Adelfa Brown

Veronica Browne

Eustace Burnett

Wilma Callender

Kenneth Campbell

Gwenyth Chase

Devin Cumberbatch

Cynthia Daniel

Dorothy Drakes

Monica Forde

Xenia Green

Rosalind Hinds

Abayomi Lapite

Angela Lawrence

Edith Lewis

Vernon Lynch

Valerie Jackman

Ashleen Jeremiah

Ann Joseph

Yvonne Leander

Yvonne Leander

Margaret Mapp

Audrey Ottey

Eleanora Salazar

Sonia Semper

Stanislaus Shortt

Phillip Van Rossum




St. Luke’s Guild (Health)

Mrs. Dena Cox, President

Noreen Millington, Vice President

Audrey Cox, Secretary

Yolanda Grandison, Treasurer

Men’s Guild

Keith Williams, President

If you are interested in joining THE MEN’S GUILD, please contact the persons listed:

  • Keith Williams: 917-370-4831
  • Noel Brown: 917-681-6312
  • Michael Ashby:  718-363-0114
  • or call the Church office:  718-774-5248