• Hospitality Committee

      President, Moreen Dowridge

      The Hospitality Committee has been in existence for 6 years; each year the Committee has been host to memorable events, 2010 was no exception.  We will long remember the outpouring of love and support at Father Eddie Alleyne’s Institution establishing him as our Rector.  It is impossible to forget the sight of the “laying-on-of-hands” by clergy at Yvette Clarke’s Prayer Breakfast.  The milestone this year was the unveiling of St. Gabriel’s elevator, long awaited by many who have traversed the stairs with difficulty.

      The Hospitality Committee is led by people who are masters of organization and creative thought:  Moreen Dowridge, Veronica Phillips, Ronald & Ruby Niles, Fay Hunt and Joan Simmons.  They combine their skills to seamlessly manage the welcoming and serving, of at times, more than 800 guests.  Most members of the Committee do double and triple duties in other organizations. The people who appear below roll-up their sleeves and get the job done:

      Fernella Allen, Glenna Bartholomew, Noel Brown, Olivia Buery, Kenneth Campbell, Eugene Chase, Cynthia Daniel, Carl Elbers, Jean Cox, Hilma Garnes, Eggie & Syl Gollop, Yvonne Griffith, Rosalind Hinds, Inez King, Edith Lewis, Yvonne Maynard, Celia & Gloria Miller, Estella Phillips, Nelda Phillips, Miriam Prince, Seaton & Erene Radix, Stanley Shortt, Alma Swaney, Joyce Williams and more…. THANK YOU

      If you are interested in joining the hospitality committee, please contact the persons listed:

      Moreen Dowridge:  718-467-0026

      Joan Simmons:  718-756-0357 or

      The Church office:  718-774-5248

    • Stewardship

      Christian Stewardship: Recognizing the acts of God on our behalf and making a deeper commitment to Him.

      Focus: Stewardship Education and Training:
      Implementing a Year-Round Stewardship Program

      Long Term Goals: To increase the percentage of members who tithe
      To increase the annual pledge donation to account for at least
      80% of the church’s budget
      To make a wholehearted commitment to the “Talent”

      With regards to meeting the pledge and talent commitments, it was agreed that having a budget plan was very important. Budgeting is very important in spending and allocating funds. A chart showing how to compute the tithe and tips on budgeting were included in the stewardship handout for Stewardship month.

      November was designated stewardship month by the Rector. In keeping with our program of stewardship education, parishioners were given three biblically based handouts on “Stewardship – a way of life.” The handouts teach that everything we have – time, talent and treasure comes from God. And it is very important to use God’s gifts wisely to benefit the church and the community at large.

      During stewardship month Mr.C. Elbers, Ms.F.Allen, Ms.F.Hunt, Mr. E Burnett, Mr. R. Maynard and Mr. C. Loncke addressed the congregation during the Sunday Services on the above topic.

      This year, the Stewardship Committee’s work included: contacting lapsed members by telephone calls, visiting others at their homes, hospitals and nursing homes.

      In 2015 committee members will meet with groups and organizations to: speak on budgeting; encourage their support of parish activities; to volunteer services to fulfill church needs; and contribute to the church’s financial well-being

      The Stewardship Committee meets every second Saturday of the month at 11:00 AM in the parish hall. The committee listed below comprises zone leaders – Captains and Co-captains:
      Rudolph Richards, Norma Shand, Moreen Dowridge, Eustace Burnett, Fernella Allen, Fay Hunt, Sonia Semper, Raymond Maynard, Celia Miller, Dorothy Drakes, Estella Phillip, Carl Elbers, Mary King, Edith Lewis, Ivonne Waldron, Olivia Buery, Izetta Thompson, Josephine Chance, Hilda Garnes, Clifford Loncke.

    • Finance