Davian D. Alleyne Interim Organist & Choir Director


The music program of this parish is continuing to strive and grow. As the Organist and Choir Director and I am satisfied with the direction the program is going. The music program is completely my responsibility and I am now proud to have a newly placed committee that would assist me with the operation of the program as it gets bigger with it now involving about 70 church members.

The Anglican choir is the core of the program. I plan around them and their abilities.  The roster of the choir is about 24 members. They continue to learn and improve taking on the challenges I put in front of them. They are tackling difficult psalm chanting and in the year of 2015, I look to grow their repertoire in anthems. There is plenty of room for improvement and I am excited for the year to come working with them.

The youth choir has a roster of about 20 members and this choir is in a restructuring process to make them more effective in the life of the church.

The Gospel choir has started and has a roster of about 35 people. In the past few months they have sang for big events like the ministry anniversary of the rector, the Brotherhood of St. Andrew gospel concert, and a confirmation service. I am excited for the input the gospel choir would have on the life of the church and their upcoming endeavors.

I look forward to the year of 2015 and see many huge opportunities for the music program of St. Gabriel’s. I wish that other members of the congregation can find the music abilities in themselves and come join any of our choirs. God has given you a voice and what better way to praise him with it than to use it in his church. I would continue to give my all to this position. This is a calling that I do not take lightly. Keep the music program in your prayers as we grow as a team to better ourselves in the sung praises of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.