A Note on Today’s Readings Sixth Sunday after Pentecost – Year B

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.
Today’s liturgy directs our attention to God’s care for the
poor and less fortunate. In the Gospel reading we hear the
account of Jesus’ raising the young daughter of the Jewish
official, Jairus. Mark inserts within this story the healing of a
woman who had suffered hemorrhages for twelve years. The
girl and the woman, by the custom of their times, were both
regarded as of little value. But Jesus’ compassion extends to
them as it does to all people.
In the first reading, from Lamentations, we are assured
that whatever ill befalls us, God’s love for us will never fail.
God, we are told, does not willingly afflict or grieve anyone.
Paul calls on the Corinthians to emulate the generosity of
other churches in giving to a collection to aid less fortunate
Christians. Jesus, Paul reminds us, became poor for us so
that we might become rich; that is, he became human so that
our humanity might be raised into the life of God. Thus, for
the sake of others, we follow Jesus’ example and share our
own material goods.
We gather in Eucharist as the People of God, called to be
the means by which God makes known the divine
compassion for all people. It is the poor and neglected in
society for whom God is especially concerned as Jesus
demonstrated in healing the sick. We are called and given to
the world to minister in God’s name.
Father Eddie+