History of St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, Brooklyn.

About Worship

The first service of the St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Mission was held on April 28, 1906 in the parlor of the McNeil family home, no. 353 Hawthorne Street. In December of that year, a lot, no. 331 Hawthorne Street was obtained for the purpose of erecting a church building. Unfortunately, more funds had been expended on the purchase of the lot, than had been planned; little money was left for construction. Consequently, a unique compromise was reached. The fledging congregation constructed the basement or crypt, erected a roof over it and “finished off the interior” to serve as worship space until improved finances afforded the erection of the edifice they envisioned. The space seated, approximately, two hundred persons. As finances improved, the basement church which served the people of St. Gabriel’s for over eighty years was rebuilt in 1991. Like the congregation of the early twentieth century, the congregation of 2015 is, in large part, made up of immigrants and first generation Americans. Unlike the earlier congregants who came mostly from Europe, those now attending come mostly from the Caribbean, Central and South America, Africa and the United States. Today, God’s work is carried on in a new spacious structure with ample worship space and activities area, sufficient to support the several activities of the church; including a senior center funded by the City of New York. At our center the food is superb, the activities creative and the fellowship unmatched. (Contact our center at 718 773-4049). Worship services are conducted at scheduled times, and in their season. Bible study is always on the calendar and there are several organizations through which one can participate in advancing God’s work.

Church Buildings









Said Eucharist: 8:00 AM
Family Eucharist: 9:30 AM (1st Sunday Only)
Sung Eucharist: 11:00 AM
Christian Education During the 8am & 11am (Immediately following the Sermon)
Youth Sunday (Every 5th Sunday): 9:30 AM
Teen Bible Study: 9:45 AM
Adult Bible Study: 10:00 AM

Fifth Sundays:

09:30 AM    Holy Eucharist (Choral Mass – One Service)


Holy Eucharist & Healing: 10:00 AM
Bible Study: 11:00 AM


12:00 PM    Noonday Prayer

Youth Sunday:

Every 4th Sunday of the month, the services are hosted by the youth of the parish


09:30 AM    Holy Eucharist (Said Mass – One service only on Sundays in July and August)