A Note on Today’s Readings The Transfiguration of Our Lord—Year A, B, and C


Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.

Today we celebrate the Lord’s Transfiguration when his divinity shone out through his humanity. Jesus, on that occasion, rejected Peter’s suggestion that they remain on the mountain in that light. Instead, he led them down to confront the gathering powers of darkness which would seek to extinguish the uncreated Light.

It is difficult to forget that on this date humankind saw a different sort of light burst over the city of Hiroshima. That event reminds us that the power to destroy is still loose in the world. Yet in Christ we meet the power that overcomes the violence of our world, liberating all people to become who God created us to be, living reflections of God’s own glorious image and likeness.

In the Eucharist, we are called into the dying and rising of Christ. We are made partakers of his transfigured life through sharing in the death of him who, in dying, destroyed death. We are sent forth to carry on and extend his victory.

In this liturgy, then, the signs and sacraments of the Household of God stand in stark contrast to those powers of this world which destroy. In hope-filled song and praise, we join our Lord and share his peace which shines forth in a darkened world.

Happy Transfiguration Sunday.

Father Eddie+

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