A Note on Today’s Readings | Second Sunday of Advent – Year C

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.

Today is the first of the two Advent Sundays on which John the Baptist is the central figure. This dynamic prophet marked the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. He announced the time of Messiah’sarrival and called the people of Israel to repentance in preparation for that coming. The Gospels see him as the fulfillment of Isaiah prophecy of one who will prepare the way for God to come to the peoples of the earth.

The writer of Baruch, one of the books accounted as the Apocrypha by Anglicans, is presented as addressing the Jewish exiles in Babylon with words probably borrowed from Isaiah. God’s people are called to look forward to the coming of God with joy and gladness, for when he comes God will lead all the peoples to our true home.

The second reading is from Paul’s letter to the Philippians. In greeting this congregation, Paul speaks of his affection for them and of his imprisonment. He urges them to continue in faith as they await the day of Christ’s return.

The Old Testament and John the Baptist looked toward the coming of the Messiah in history to establish God’s Kingdom. TheNew Testament looks toward the return of Christ at the end of history to bring that Kingdom to fulfillment. We, the Church, gather in Eucharist in the “in-between times” to celebrate the foretaste of that Kingdom and to be equipped by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Kingdom to the world.

Happy Sunday.

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