A Note on Today’s Readings Proper 7: Sunday Closest to June 22—Year A

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish. Today, as we celebrate with our youth, graduates, and families, we give God thanks for their successes in education and continue to offer prayers of those who teach and those who learn.

Last Sunday we heard Jesus give instructions to his twelve disciples as he prepared to send them out to proclaim the gospel. Today that passage continues with his warning to them that they will encounter opposition to the message and even may have to suffer for it.

The first reading continues the story of Abraham and Sarah. Before the child promised them was born, they decided to help God out by Abraham getting a son by the slave girl, Hagar. However, once Isaac was born Sarah demanded that Hagar and their son be sent away. God cared for them, however, and Ishmael became the ancestor of the Arabs, as Isaac was the ancestor of the people of Israel.

In the second reading, Paul sets forth the meaning of baptism. It is nothing less than a participation in the death and resurrection of Jesus. The term used here in the original Greek means that we have already died with him in baptism and are in the process of being raised with him into the resurrection life. Thus, our old identity is gone and our new identity is as members of Christ’s Body.

We gather as a church to respond to the same call that was made to the twelve apostles and to Jeremiah and the prophets. It is not always easy to be a follower of Christ. We must expect to find that our message is not always popular nor will we always be well treated for proclaiming it. However, as the people of God, we find that God’s grace is always available in Word and Sacraments. We are upheld in the experience of those who have gone before us and above all by the example of Jesus dying and rising in our midst.


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