A Note on Today’s Readings | Proper 29: The Reign of Christ or Christ the King — Year A

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.

Today is the final Sunday of the Church year, on which we celebrate the Kingship of Christ. Since last Advent, we have been reading the Gospel according to Matthew most Sundays. In this final reading from the Gospel of Matthew, we have Jesus’ description of the final judgment. Those who will be welcomed into his Kingdom are those who show their love to Christ by caring for the outcast and helpless.

The prophet Ezekiel, centuries before Christ, foresaw the coming of the Shepherd – King, sent by God to his people. This kingship would be one of caring love and of peace to the entire human race.

In the second reading, an extended pa ssage describes Christ as the final fulfillment of God’s plan for the universe. We who are the beneficiaries of that plan for our lives are gathered up into Christ who is our head and who gives his own being to all that exists.

Our gatherings for worship are meant to be points of departure for us to move into the world in active works of ministry to the hungry, the helpless, the imprisoned, the lonely, the sick, and the dying. The reign of Christ must begin with members of his body the Church making him kn own in the world, especially to the least of his sisters and brothers.

Happy Christ the King Sunday.

Father Eddie+


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