A Note on Today’s Readings Proper 23: Sunday closest to October 12—Year A

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.
During these last weeks of the Church Year, we come to the section of
Matthew’s Gospel marked by intense confrontations between Jesus and the
religious establishment; these confrontations were to lead to his crucifixion. In
today’s Gospel, Jesus is again teaching about the Kingdom. Here it is
described in a way that antagonized the establishment. If those who are
religious do not respond to God’s call, they will be replaced by others who do
In the first reading, the people of Israel lost patience when Moses did not
return from the mountaintop. They built an idol and worshiped it as their god.
God saw this and intended to destroy them but Moses interceded and God
turned aside from destroying the people who he loved.
We continue to read Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Paul brings his letter to its
conclusion, calling on the people to live in peace and unity and to help one
Our gathering in Eucharist is a foreshadowing of the Kingdom of God. We are
called to bring all people into this fellowship and meal. In this way, the
Kingdom of God is revealed and humanity’s hope is made more certain.
Happy Sunday
Father Eddie+

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