Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.
In today’s liturgy, we have a parable warning us as God’s people to be faithful
to God, lest God turn away from us. This parable may have been a simple story
about the need to seize the opportunity God holds out. Matthew has taken
images, especially from today’s Old Testament reading, and allegorized the
original story to make a point which the Church in his day needed to hear and
which we need to hear today.
For months, we have been reading the history of the establishment of God’s
people, beginning with Abraham and Sarah. It has led us to the Exodus from
Egypt. Today the journey through the wilderness has come to Mount Sinai.
Here God establishes the law by which his people are to live in the giving of
the Ten Commandments.
Paul calls on the church in Philippi to hold fast to their faith and practice. We
are not to be anxious about anything, rather we should expend our energy
reaching out to be the kind of people God calls us to be. For we are citizens of
heaven, Paul tells us, and we are destined for glory.
God’s people need the warnings of the prophets and of Jesus to balance our
knowledge that we have been redeemed. While God’s action of redeeming us
is set and established, we must nevertheless live the lives of redeemed people.
Our weekly gatherings in Eucharist therefore are not meant to lull us into
complacency but to strengthen us and equip us to follow the Way of Christ.
Happy Sunday.
Father Eddie+

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