A Note on Today’s Readings Proper 19: Sunday closest to September 14—Year A

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish as we celebrate REVIVAL 2017.
We continue to read from the section of Matthew’s Gospel, which deals with
God’s forgiveness and our role in extending His forgiveness to all people.
Peter asks Jesus how many times he is to forgive someone who wrongs him. In
a parable, Jesus explains that God’s forgiveness of us lays on us the
obligations to forgive our brothers and sisters unconditionally.
The first reading brings us to the most important event in the story of God and
the people of Israel. God saved them from the Egyptian army at the sea. The
people were led to safety and freedom. Jesus spoke of his own death and
resurrection as his Exodus. We join him in that Exodus as God leads us to
salvation through the waters of baptism.
In our final reading from Romans, Paul calls on Christians to refrain from
judging one another. The differences between the ways various ones of us
follow Christ are to be accepted. Our responsibility is to love God and each
We are a community marked by faith and obedience to God’s Word. Our life
reflects our relationship with God and our relationships with each other. We
are to be a community marked by acceptance of all and by forgiveness. Not a
gathering of perfected saints—we are, rather, a gathering of sinners who have
known God’s love and forgiveness and who in turn extend that love and
forgiveness to all people.
Father Eddie+

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