Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.
Beginning with today’s Gospel reading, the ministry of Jesus is directed
toward his approaching death and resurrection and his preparing the disciples
for that event. Peter, who moments before expressed his faith in Jesus as the
Messiah, now recoils at the thought of Jesus’ death. Jesus begins to explain
that the way into the Kingdom of God is sacrifice. His death and resurrection
will be the model for that way.
Last Sunday, we heard of the birth of Moses into slavery, and his adoption by
the daughter of the Egyptian king. Now as a young man, he has fled Egypt to
escape punishment for killing an Egyptian who was mistreating a Hebrew
slave. At Horeb, also called Mount Sinai, God revealed himself and sent
Moses to set the people of Israel free from the
Today’s passage from the Epistle to the Romans deals with the characteristics
of Christian living. Note that we are called to love each other and to recognize
that our lives are completely bound up in the lives of our brothers and sisters.
In the Eucharist, we find both of the scriptural themes for today. We are given
many and varied ways of ministering and the Eucharist is a model of our
ministry in caring for others and the world. In the Eucharist, by remembering
Christ’s dying and rising, we become participants in God’s redemptive action.
Our own lives are filled with meaning because we share in his life, death, and
Happy Sunday.
Father Eddie+

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