A Note on Today’s Readings Proper 15: Sunday closest to August 17—Year A

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.
In today’s liturgy, the scriptures deal with the inclusiveness of God’s call.
The gospel reading brings a Canaanite woman to Jesus, asking that he heal
her daughter. At first, Jesus responds that he is sent only to Jews. However,
the woman’s deep faith moves him and he heals her daughter.
Joseph, sold in to slavery by his brothers, with God’s help became the most
powerful official of Egypt. When famine left the children of Jacob starving,
they came to Egypt for food. After letting these unfaithful brothers live in
suspense for a time as to whether this great ruler would assist them, Joseph’s
love for them led him to reveal his identity. He then brought all the family to
Egypt to live in prosperity.
In the second reading, Paul is dealing with the role of Jews and Gentiles in
God’s plan. Distressed that many of his fellow Jews have not accepted Jesus,
Paul nevertheless is certain that they, like the Gentiles, are part of that plan.
Indeed, “The gifts and the calling of God [to the Jews] are irrevocable,” he
Christianity stands over against those human movements that would exclude
some people. God’s call is to every human being. Our gatherings as church
must always be faithful to that and we must seek to mirror in our own
congregations the complete inclusiveness of God’s call to the human race.
Happy Sunday.
Father Eddie+

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