Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.
In today’s liturgy, water is a major symbol. The Gospel reading from
Matthew is the account of Peter’s attempt to join Christ in walking on the
Sea of Galilee. As Peter’s faith fails and he begins to sink below the waters,
he cries to the Lord for help and Jesus rescues him.
Today we move ahead in the story of God’s ancient people to the sons of
Jacob (now called Israel). The older sons, jealous of Joseph—who is their
father’s favorite—sold him into slavery in Egypt, telling their father a lion
killed him. Their intention was to get rid of Joseph; God used their action,
though, to save the family, as we will see in a few weeks, and ultimately to
lead the descendants of all twelve brothers into freedom from Egypt in the
We also continue to read the Epistle to the Romans. In this part of Romans,
Paul is dealing with his sorrow that many of his fellow Jews have not
accepted Jesus as Christ but he does not believe that God has rejected them.
All who turn to God in faith belong to God and there is no distinction, for all
are one in Christ who have called on the name of the Lord.
Water in the scriptures is not only a symbol of life, but also a symbol of
death. As Israel passed from death into new life at the Red Sea, so we gather
as a community that has passed with Jesus from death into resurrection in
the waters of baptism.
Happy Sunday.
Father Eddie+

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