A Note on Today’s Readings Proper 12: Sunday closest to July 27—Year A

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.
As we did last Sunday, today we hear parables of Jesus concerning God’s
Kingdom. The Kingdom is characterized as hidden, yet being revealed; as
small now but destined to grow large; as so precious that those who discover
it will give all in order to attain it; as open to all who will accept it.
As we continue the story of our forebears, Jacob, living with his uncle
Laban, asks for the hand of Rachel, whom he loves. Laban tricks him
(trickery ran in the family, perhaps) and marries him to his older daughter,
Leah. After a time, however, Jacob is allowed to marry Rachel, as well.
From these two women came the twelve sons of Jacob and the twelve tribes
of Israel.
Our continued reading of the Epistle to the Romans leads us to Paul’s great
outburst of praise and assurance of the certainty of God’s love for us. Here
Paul is certain that even our weakest and most elementary striving towards
God is proof that God is leading us and has destined us for glory.
The Church is not the Kingdom of God. It is, in the words of Alexander
Schmemann, the world in the process of becoming the Kingdom. When we
gather to celebrate, our movement toward the Kingdom is revealed. In the
Eucharist God reconstitutes us as the Church and we discover ourselves
growing toward the Kingdom.
Father Eddie+

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