A Note on Today’s Readings Proper 11: Sunday closest to July 20—Year A

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.

As we continue to read the Gospel according to Matthew each Sunday, we are in a section of Jesus’ parables concerning the Kingdom of God. This parable of the wheat and the weeds reaffirms God’s patience with the Church. While we are often impatient with its failures, God is merciful and waits until the end before separating the good from the bad. Jesus urges us to grow into fruitful members of God’s family.

The story of God’s ancient people continues today. Jacob, the wily grandson of Abraham, is fleeing because he has cheated his brother out of the family inheritance. God gives him a dream in which God renews the promise to Abraham, whose heir Jacob is. This story illustrates that God does not choose people because they are worthy but out of the love and grace God has toward all people.

In the second reading, Paul assures us that the whole creation is moving toward redemption. Through our redemption will come the redemption of the whole creation. Therefore, the whole creation waits with longing for our redemption to be complete.

We share in the Eucharistic action in order that God’s redemptive power may lead us toward the Kingdom. We share also in order that we may be the means by which redemption comes to the whole creation. That is our vocation as the people of God and as members of the Body of Christ.


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