A Note on Today’s Readings Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany—Year B

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Parish.

On this Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany, we journey on to the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord in the Temple. This celebration is on Friday. We are invited to join our sisters and brothers at St. Mark’s Church for the institution of the Reverend Kino Vitet as their eleventh Rector.

In today’s Old Testament reading, Moses declares that God will raise up a prophet after his death – ostensibly he speaks of his successor, Joshua. Like Moses, this new prophet will act as a go-between between the people and God.

In Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians we encounter a common obstacle in the communities of the early church: the debate over whether or not Christians should eat meat that had been sacrificed in pagan temples to pagan gods.

Turning to the Gospel narrative in Mark, our Lord Jesus acts with authority, the will of God the Father.
Whatever we do in the name of Jesus, let us do it with assertiveness. Be bold in thought, word and deed as people of the ‘Jesus Movement’.


Father Eddie+

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